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Hey just to say I haven’t forgotten about you completely! I just have nothing to post… leave suggestions below!

Much love,

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Small fan base???

Ok ok I have neglected you I get it and I am sorry!

Ok so I have just realised that there are more people following me that don’t know me personally then those who do. As much as this makes me feel extremely scared, it makes me excited too.

Who knew some bisexual, band loving, YouTube watching teenager could gain a small fan base? Or an internet friend for that matter?? (Aris x)

So I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the support, and I love you all, old and new. 

Littleteenblogs signing out xx


You know that special moment when you and a person just click? Or when you and someone else become closer than you were before? It feels amazing.

Friendship is an unexplainable warm feeling. It’s that sensation when you know you can put your full trust in someone, it makes you feel wanted. The fact that if you come crashing down and someone is there to catch you (physically or emotionally) is so special.

Some of my friends I would never feel that with. But other friends I do.

A girl, for the sake of privacy I will call her R, is one of those people.

I was in a cafe and my other friend (calling her C) said “look, R is outside!” So we asked if we could go see her. This cafe was is a shop, so we knocked various objects off of shelves to get to her. We ran outside and I called her. Then we literally ran at full speed to each other and hugged forever. We hadn’t seen each other for a week because we were on Easter holidays (we still are).

Special moments like that make me really happy. 

Me and R are literally the same people. Same music and YouTube taste, similar personalities.

When I was sad one day at school she was the only person who noticed. She was there. I’m there for her too. 

I usually know that I have a true friend when we can communicate through inside jokes. Like when you can say something to someone that no one else would understand.

The main message that I’m trying to get across is that if you have a friend or a bunch of friends, treasure them. They may drift away from you, but those that are true friends will stick by you no matter what. 

Littleteenblogs signing out xx

Over obsessing. Don’t please.

If the title wasn’t clear enough, I am going to be talking about over obsessing, more specifically, over somebody.

I am mainly writing this because it is something I am guilty of this. Over obsessing is where you spam someone with texts everyday, when really the person on the other side is pissed and trying desperately not to take their rage out on you… 

I did this to someone then realised that I should probably stop so I’m not going to contact that person for the rest of the holidays. This is pretty much because I want to keep them as a friend and I don’t want to be annoying…

This is a really random post, I just wanted to see if anyone can relate…

Littleteenblogs signing out xx 


A friend of mine tagged me in the ‘A- Z challenge’. So I have to make an alphabet coresponding to me. here it goes!


Brendon Urie


Don’t touch my phone

Exstisential crisis

Falling over

Grapes (because why not)


Ice cubes

Jelly  (preferably orange)

Kanye not? 

Lemon sweets


Not sporty

Orginised? Hahaha no.




Strong? Hahahahahaha no again.


Under average


Water (stay hydrated)




Littleteenblogs signing out xx 


If you go to school in England, you are probably going into/ coming out of exam season. 

At the moment my school are off for a 2 week holiday which is cool, but the exams start as soon as we get back. 

Some people stress out loads about tests, but honestly I am not fussed as long as I get half marks. 

Teachers tend to make a massive thing about exams and getting good grades. But honestly it doesn’t really effect your future life.

Sorry this is a short post but I am completely lost for blogging ideas, so if you like you can leave ideas in the comments!

Littleteenblogs signing out xx